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Arrange a time to discuss your options for anxiety help.

Arrange a time to discuss your options for anxiety help.


Our Vision

Finding The Right Thing For You

Many people live and suffer with anxiety every day. People try many things but they don’t always work. Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are proven ways to combat anxiety and related issues. Clients can work directly with Michael Ledden the manager of Anxiety Ireland online. Michael works with clients every week to help them overcome anxiety and offers a personalized service for adults of any age.

Should Michael be busy, or you prefer to work with another counsellor we can provide online or phone counselling with one of our other practitioners.

When it’s time for help we act fast. We will guarantee you an appointment within a week. No waiting list, just fast and effective help for your anxiety. We have accredited therapists waiting across the country and online who we can can connect you with!

We charge no fee for this service and you just pay your therapist for whatever work you do! We want to make it easy for you! We’ve met hundreds of people who didn’t realise that help was out there because those who help aren’t always the best at getting their message out there.

Our team of dedicated counsellors and psychotherapists that we have screened and recruited who work in the anxiety field are waiting to get their anxiety help to people.


What Will Happen When You Contact Us?

You will be listened to. We can discuss what is happening for you and how anxiety is having an impact on your life. We can give you some information on anxiety, the things you’re experiencing and help you put it into context.


We can explore the options available to you and discuss linking you with your nearest mental health professional best positioned to help you with these issues.

Email or call us to chat for free and arrange the right anxiety help for what is troubling you,. Even if we can’t chat just there and then we will arrange a time to call you back.


You Will Feel a Sense of Danger

What Happens Then?

If you want to proceed, we can arrange one of our team to contact you and set up counselling sessions with you straight away.

They will work with you as long as you need it and help you start to get some resolution on the issues disturbing your life.

Anxiety Ireland wishes you luck in conquering your anxiety and living your life more at peace with the world, your emotions, your thoughts, your physical sensations and yourselves. Find a more detailed FAQ below.



Our sessions are 1 hour long.

We work with people of all genders who are over 18 years of age.

Our head office is located at 63 Claremont Crescent, Glasnevin, Dublin 11, but we currently we are operating online.

Typically, a first session is a chance for you to judge if the counsellor can help you. Normally there is an intake procedure to go through with new clients of gathering some basic information, exploring main concerns and goals for coming. The session may be spent orientating you to the approach of the counsellor and making plans for your attendance.
If a first session goes well, a normal contract with clients would six weekly sessions. The sessions are best conducted weekly, as leaving a week between sessions allows enough time to process them, complete any tasks in between, yet return still engaged.
This can vary case to case, some anxiety issues can be dealt with through six sessions of CBT, other anxiety issues stemming from
childhood/deep relational patterns may take longer. Long term therapy can be open ended with frequent reviews built in to see how the work is progressing.
The fees for sessions will be paid to the counsellor directly. This may vary depending on the team member, their location and their specializes. Fees range from €50.00 per session to €65.00. In some areas lower cost counselling may be available for those under/unemployed.
If you need to cancel a session without 24 hours’ notice many therapists may count that as a missed appointment and require the full fee to be paid.
Confidentiality is one of the core concepts of Psychotherapy, it is hugely important that you know that what is discussed is kept in strictest confidence and would never be disclosed to outside parties. Counsellors normally keep notes of all sessions that are locked away at night and for their eyes only.
Counsellors have external supervisors for the work. In these supervision meetings they do not disclose identifying details of clients, rather discuss how they are performing in the work.

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Many people live and suffer with anxiety every day. Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are proven ways to combat anxiety and related issues.