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Paul Kinsella – Nutritional Therapist – Online 

Paul Kinsella – Nutritional Therapist – Online 

Paul Kinsella,
Nutritional Therapist

Paul’s journey to becoming a Nutritional Therapist resulted from his own mental and physical health struggles over many years. After almost a decade spent focusing in isolation on either his mental health through psychotherapy or on his physical health through nutrition and exercise Paul realised that lasting mental and physical healing was only possible when he worked on his mind and his body at the same time.

Paul charges €95.00 for an initial session where he meets you and explores your current diet, where deficiencies might lie and how your body is functioning to absorb nutrients essential for mental well being. Subsequent sessions involve tracking and following an action plan over time to support your mental health. Paul is available to book online and he frequently works with clients struggling with General Anxiety, PTSD, Health Anxiety, Menopause AnxietyPanic Attacks and Anxiety and Depression.

Paul Kinsella

Paul Kinsella – Nutritional Therapist

Nutritional Therapy is different to conventional dietetics and goes far beyond looking solely at food intake to look at the whole person and how their body is actually functioning. While the daily diet is extremely important to mental and overall health we also need to consider:

 Is the digestive system able to digest the food that is eaten every day? Putting food into our body and it being efficiently digested and metabolised are different things entirely.
 Are there longstanding nutritional deficiencies potentially impacting mood and anxiety levels that may need to be supported through targeted use of nutritional supplementation?
 Is there an underdiagnosed thyroid or other hormonal issue impacting mood and anxiety levels?
 Are there bacterial or fungal overgrowths in the gut that are driving inflammation in the body which is potentially impacting mood and anxiety levels?
 Is blood sugar poorly regulated which is causing mood to fluctuate wildly during the day?
 Is there a toxic load on the body that is causing neuroinflammation and impacting the brain?

Nutritional Therapy considers all these questions and many more.

We cannot make feel good brain chemicals such as serotonin or dopamine unless we have both the correct building blocks in our diet and a digestive system that is able to extract those nutrients. When it comes to anxiety, we also cannot break down stress chemicals without these building blocks, meaning that stress chemicals can linger in the blood for longer than they should if our nutritional status is not optimal.

Psychotherapy is an invaluable healing tool, and for some people this may be all that is required to make a full recovery. For others, Nutritional Therapy can really amplify the effects of psychotherapy by helping the body to function better so that the full benefits of psychotherapy can be realised.

Paul is available for online or in person consultations and should you wish to explore in more detail a free introductory call is available.

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Many people live and suffer with anxiety every day. Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are proven ways to combat anxiety and related issues.