Perfectionism is stagnation

If f we all learn through our mistakes, how can we ever learn new things if we have to be perfect?

Perfectionism is 1) lack of growth, 2) lack of compassion, 3) rigid and unfair, 4) Perfectionism is stagnation.

Being imperfect 1) allows for learning, 2) is realistic, 3) is liberating, 4) is vibrant, growthful and empowering.

You are allowed to get it wrong sometimes. It makes you a better person and teaches you not only about the matter at hand, but also about yourself.

In clinic I see perfectionism present in many peoples lives. This force even if excessive may have helped some achieve great things.

However, on the other end I meet people who today find it hard to start things for the fear of not getting them 100%.

Procrastinating or not starting, for fear of not being perfect then leads them to giving out to themselves and feeling helpless, worthless and stupid.

The problem is the rule that underpins the behavior and the reactions. The rule says be perfect.

Ultimately this is unsustainable, wasteful, damaging and blocks the unleashing of inner potential.

We all have growth edges no matter who we are. Perfectionism robs us of our right grow.

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