Anxiety isn’t always viable and it certainly doesn’t always mean that someone can’t function. We can be high performing and experience anxiety.

What high functioning anxiety can do however is make us not enjoy our lives and experiences as much as we’d like.

The person with high-performing anxiety can over think, worry, over plan, have trouble sleeping, procrastinate, spend ages organizing and writing notes and just generally feel not present.

To the outside world they look successful but on the inside they can fear it all coming tumbling down!

It can even be hard for many to recognize that there is another way forward without their rituals and anxiety as it has kept them safe and successful until now.

But what I meet in clinic are successful people whose high-performing anxiety have progressed to the stage where even completely things that were once easy now seem hard.

We can do something about our anxiety and our thinking before we get to this stage.

Descreet CBT therapy and support can help turn a charged anxiety back down into a gentle motivation and preparedness again.

For many it just takes a reset of some sessions to notice a big difference.

Anxiety Ireland provides therapy for those suffering anxiety from our location in Glasnevin and through our network nationwide.

I’m always happy to chat about how from Glasnevin I can help with anxiety or how I can connect people with other therapists located around the country.

Feel free to message this page or call/text 087 063 0948 to arrange to chat about how brief CBT therapy can make a huge difference to anxiety!

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Anxiety is like a merry-go-round going nowhere , it’s ok to step off!