Ever wondered what is that CBT thing that people and doctors bang on about?

In this video we look at what is CBT (Cognative Behavioural Therapy). This type of therapy looks at how thinking and behavior impacts our well being and Anxiety and Depression.

CBT theories look at how areas of ourselves impact one another.

Each individual has their cognitive, behavioral, physical and emotional realms. When any of them are off they all are off.

CBT looks at how through targeting how we think and how we act we can have a massive knock on effect on how we are feeling.

I work as a CBT therapist from our base in Glasnevin, helping clients recover from Anxiety and Depression. I also work in other ways too.

Anxiety Ireland also connects clients to our network of counselors around the country. Get in touch today to hear about what great local therapist we can connect you with.

Have a great day!